This Kit has everything the Pro City Kit has and more. It gives you the options of using a 7ft Operating Nut Removal wrench or an 11ft Operating Nut Removal wrench by just adding two easy to install extensions.


The Pro City Deluxe Kit also comes with two sets of Stainless Steel replacement Operating Nuts; 10 Standard 316 SS Operating Nuts and 10 Emergency 17-4 SS Operating Nuts. This offers you the flexibility of 20 different SS Operating Nuts.







Assembling the extensions


Standard Nut Kit 057 Standard Nut Kit 061 Standard Nut Kit 063 Standard Nut Kit 065 Standard Nut Kit 067 Standard Nut Kit 073
1 2 3 4 5 6


Download : Pro City Deluxe Kit (2011-07-11ft) Parts List