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Robarge Enterprises, Inc has worked hard to develop and patent a non-excavate Valve Operating Nut replacement system that has a 99% rate of success.


Our tools are capable of the following:


  • Replace a rounded or inoperable OP Nut

  • Replace a missing OP Nut

  • Remove any corroded Retaining Nut or Bolt holding down an old OP Nut

  • Replace the old retaining Nut or Bolt with a new SS Nut or Bolt

  • Drill and tap any valve stem, if needed to secure the new OP Nut


Robarge Enterprises, Inc makes an excellent selection of replacement Stainless Steel Operating Nuts.


For general valve nut replacement we offer 10 unique Standard Operating Nuts made of 316 SS, ensuring long life in corrosive environments. 


For emergency situations we offer 10 unique Emergency Operating Nuts made of a 17-4 SS, providing peace of mind that any missing valve nut can be replaced in seconds.


Together the Standard and Emergency SS Operating Nuts give you the versatility to replace any Operating Nut on valves from 4 inch to 48 inches.